Dance Analysis - Technique within contemporary dance - Kathryn Hughes

Dance Analysis - Technique within contemporary dance

By Kathryn Hughes

  • Release Date: 2013-01-17
  • Genre: Arts du spectacle


This study investigates, through a detailed movement analysis of several choreographic works, whether Hofesh Shechter has created a new technique within contemporary dance today. The analysis utilises elements from both Adshead''s (1988) model for movement analysis and Stinson''s (2006) model for choreography: however adapting elements to consider the form and provide an evaluation through an external observation. In conclusion this study has revealed that irrespective of era; ''Art cannot be divorced from life - it is of life''s essence. The central subject matter of all art is emotional value not fact. The art which expresses emotional values in movement is dance. So to dance one must study and explore and know movement'' H''Doubler (1998, pxxix)